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A to Z Breast Cancer Site

Visitors to this site are interested in taking charge of their health. The demographics of this site include, but are not limited to, those who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Women who are concerned with their risk and who are proactive in their approach to maintaining their health make up a large segment of the community.

A small percentage of those who use this site are men who either have been diagnosed with breast cancer, are at risk, or are caregivers for a woman living with the disease.

This site is designed to provide a source of information to this demographic. Advertisers who have a product that would be of value to this population are welcome to contact us to discuss placing advertising on the site. Alternatively, we carry Google Ad Words ads and you can contact Google to advertise through the Ad Words program.

We will not accept ads for health care products that cannot document the claims being made. We will not carry ads for any alcoholic beverages or tobacco products.

The ads on this site must be relevant to the breast cancer community. This eliminates all ads for gambling, X rated sites or dating services. If you are interested in discussing targeted ads for this population, please contact:

Margaret Chiffriller




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