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Breast Cancer in Men

Although rare, breast cancer in men is no less life-threatening.

Close to one percent of all breast cancer patients are male. That means for every hundred diagnosed cases, one will be a man. Since breast cancer education and resources are primarily aimed at women, when men are diagnosed they tend to have later stage, less treatable breast cancer.

Diagnosing male breast cancer is the same as for women - yes, men get mammograms!

Symptoms are also similar to breast cancer in women. A lump near the areola may be a sign of infiltrating ductal carcinoma. Nearly 90% of male breast cancer belongs in this category. However, men can also contract an even rarer form of breast cancer, inflammatory breast cancer, which presents as a red rash or orange peel like texture of the skin.

Just up ahead, check out top resources for finding out more about male breast cancer with facts and information on causes, symptoms, and treatment.

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Silence Can be Deadly

Breast Cancer In Male Patients
A clean, clinical site. Basic information and some references.

Breast Cancer in Men
The Komen Foundation lays out the complete picture including risk factors, symptoms, and treatment.

Mammographic Findings in Men with Breast Cancer
What to look for in a mammogram. Reading this gives you an understanding of why this is so hard to diagnose correctly.

What is Breast Cancer in Men?
Good overview from the American Cancer Society including information on the types of male breast cancer, how it happens, with more on related diseases & conditions, symptoms and diagnosis.



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