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How To Use A-Z Breast Cancer - This is where you'll find information on copyright, reprints, privacy, terms and conditions, users agreement and other legal information.

Breast Cancer Organizations - These groups provide support, advocacy and information. Many are involved in research and fund raising efforts. A good starting point to find out what Breast Cancer is and what's being done about it.

Breast Cancer Related Lymphedema - Lymphedema is a swelling - usually arms or legs -caused by a blockage of lymph circulation. Not uncommon after breast cancer surgery, there are treatments available to reduce the discomfort.

Breast Cancer Statistics - For treatment decisions, pure research or just out of curiosity, the numbers on these sites tell the breast cancer story. Remember that statistics are averages - they cannot predict the course of any one person's disease.

Cáncer de mama - Estos sitios proporcionan a la información sobre cáncer de pecho en Español.

Chemotherapy - The pros, cons, and the side effects -  it's time to demystify these options so you can make rational decisions.

Clinical Trials - Clinical trial are a way to access the newest drugs available. They are in the research stage and may have restrictions. These are experimental drugs and treatments - read about them and talk to your doctor. You may want to become a participant.

Current News - These are the current breast cancer issues as reported in the international news media.

Diet & Nutrition - Proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals that keep you healthy or make you sick. Links to sites about good diet and nutrition and how what you eat can affect you chances of getting breast cancer or healing if you've already been diagnosed.

Diagnostic Tools - Fine needle aspiration and excisional biopsy, diagnostic workup, abnormal screening, large core needle biopsy,aspiration... What does all this mean? These links will help clarify the procedures that breast cancer diagnosis uses.

Facing a Loss - Links to sites that help with the details of wills and other financial and emotional preparations that are important to anyone facing a terminal diagnosis.

Family - Breast cancer is a family disease. These sites are for and about you and your significant others.

Finding doctors - Looking for a qualified oncologists or surgeon in your area? Try the searches on these sites to locate a specialist by geographical area and specialty.

Free resources - The Internet is full of places that offer free resources, services and samples of breast cancer products. These links will lead you to a wealth of free tools and information.

Funds for Community Action and Education - Funds are available to help set up programs for community outreach and breast cancer awareness and education.

Genetics - What you need to know if there is cancer on your mother's or father's side of the family.

Hotlines - Toll free phone numbers for information or just someone to talk to. Breast Cancer Hotlines give support to newly diagnosed or long term survivors.

Inflammatory Breast Cancer - Inflammatory Breast Cancer is an aggressive type that accounts for 1-4% of all cases. Learning the symptoms can help you to get an accurate diagnosis and the right treatments.

Men and Breast Cancer - Women are not the only ones who get this disease. Although much less common in men, breast cancer tends to be misdiagnosed or caught in later stages when it is harder to treat.

Myths and Scares, or Real Risks? - Environmental concerns and other risk reports are gathered here. Some of the myths are well established but just don't hold up to scientific study. Find out which rumors to worry about and which ones you can just ignore.

Non-traditional treatments - Sites dealing with herbal, alternative and complementary medical treatments for Breast Cancer. Some good information, but be careful!

Patient Assistance - Grants and Funding - There are many groups -- including pharmaceutical companies -- that offer financial assistance to breast cancer patients.

Pregnancy & Breast Cancer - Links to information on breast cancer, pregnancy, resources to help in planning and decision making. Pregnancies can increase or decrease your personal breast cancer risk.

Prevention - From radical surgery to exercise, these sites explain what can be done to help avoid breast cancer.

Prosthetics - Links to mostly non-commercial sites that discuss using, not using, or how to make your own prosthetics after breast surgery.

Recurrences - It happens. These sites tell what it means and what to do if it happens to you.

Surgery - Breast cancer surgery may be a simple biopsy, lumpectomy, a mastectomy or reconstruction after a breast is removed. Knowing more about your options helps you to make the decision that is right for you.

Survivors - Support & Stories - Resources and support groups galore. Inspiration from those who've walked the walk. Some sites are inspirational and others deal with survivor's issues.

Women of Color - A list of resources and information that addresses the concerns of women of color -- for the African-American and minority women with breast cancer and those who care about them.



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