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We often get requests to use the information and articles on the site. All pages, articles, information, and graphics on the A to Z Breast Cancer site (and most other Internet sites) are copyright protected.

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If you plan on using any information from this site for other than personal reference, please read the A-Z Breast Cancer User Agreement.

To request permission to reprint any materials:

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    • Your name, organization, title, and contact information

    • The exact name of the article
      Example: Study This - Breast Self Exams Under Fire

    • The exact URL of the page(s)

    • Where it will be published or used
      Name of the publication or web site where the material will be reprinted
      (If the article is not being published, but being used for educational or other purposes - please explain.)

    • Dates
      When it will be published or posted online or used and how long it may be available

    • Whether you are requesting text only, or text with photos

          Once this information is received, we will consider your request for approval.

          We will contact you directly and will let you know when you have completed the process and are free to reprint.

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