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Terms and Conditions

Using health related sites on the Internet is a good way to get information, but there are several things that you need to understand when you use this site.

The Terms and Conditions are simple. A-Z (the Site), is designed for your benefit. It is important for you to read these terms and understand them. When you use this site, you agree that you have read and accept these Terms and Conditions. 

    THIS SITE DOES NOT PROVIDE MEDICAL ADVICE. provides information and support, NOT MEDICAL ADVICE. We do not EVER recommend or endorse any specific medical advice, procedures, equipment or drugs.

    Any medical or health information provided and hosted on this site should always be discussed with medically trained and qualified professionals. As survivors, researchers and writers the people who post to this site are not qualified to provide medical advice. What you will find here is INFORMATION. Facts about preventing, treating and dealing with breast cancer. Please do not ask individual medical questions. You will be referred to information that may apply and told to consult a health care professional to get the most accurate information and advice.

    If you think someone on this site is offering medical advice or recommending a medical procedure, they are not. They are offering information. Their information may be based on good sources and personal experience or it may be the product of a deranged mind. I believe that the people who contribute information do so to offer assistance and support to others who have or are concerned about breast cancer, but there is no way to tell who you are getting information from on the Internet. It is not the same as medical advice provided by someone you know has been educated, trained and licensed to care for your health.

    Any information that is provided should be discussed with your health care provider. Nothing is a substitute for speaking to your health care provider, in person, about your own health or the health of your family.

    You should be careful on any health site that claims to give information that "your doctor doesn't want you to know." Your doctor's goal is to keep you healthy or return you to good health. If you suspect that this is not true - look for a doctor you can trust. Be informed, get support - but don't substitute the Internet or advice from friends for good professional health care!

    User Submissions
    We appreciate any and all contributions you make to the Site, as long as they are not intended to offend or violate the rights of other visitors. When you submit material you grant us a worldwide, nonexclusive, royalty-free, perpetual right to use, copy, store on our servers, modify, publicly display, transmit and distribute that material as part of and in connection with the Site and its affiliates. By submitting material, you warrant that you either own the copyright in that material, or have obtained the express permission to grant us these rights by the owner of the copyright. Under these assumptions, we will not be liable for the distribution of any such non-personal material you give us. So for your own safety, be absolutely sure of who owns something before you send it to us.

    Disclosure of Personal Information will not release personal information collected from you without your permission, but the Site cannot guarantee that postings in forums or other public arenas will not be used by others. Release of your information on public pages is solely at your discretion and is discouraged. You should be aware that if you voluntarily disclose personal information (e.g., user name, email address) on a forum, chat room or on any other public pages, that information can be collected and used by others and may result in unsolicited messages from other parties.

    Public areas on the Site
    If the Site includes user created pages which allow you and other visitors to post information, provide feedback to and its affiliates, and interact in real-time, these guidelines govern those areas.

    In order to make sure that the experience is helpful to everyone, the Site has set guidelines:

  1. You may not post or transmit any unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, profane, hateful, racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable material objectionable material of any kind:
  2. You may not post any material which encourages conduct that would constitute a criminal offense, violate the rights of others, or otherwise violate any applicable local, state, national or international law.
  3. You may not post any material which is obscene, abusive, defamatory, harassing, threatening, or slanderous of any others.
  4. You may not post advertisements or solicit business. accepts advertising through Sponsorships - if you would like to advertise or have a commercial site featured as a link, please contact them.
  5. You may not post material that infringes on the intellectual property rights, the publicity rights or the privacy rights of others. You will be responsible for, and indemnify and hold harmless, its subsidiaries, divisions, affiliates, agents and representatives against, any claim arising from any material that you post or transmit.
    [Which means, if you do decide to post copyright protected material - you and you alone - will be liable. As the breast cancer site editor and a freelance writer - I am very touchy about using other writer's material without their permission. This is true for artwork, music or any property that legally belongs to someone else. If you want to use it, get permission, in writing, first. Give the same consideration to others that you would demand for yourself.
  6. You may not repeatedly disrupt the flow of dialog and ideas. This behavior may be unintentional and you will be given a warning if it occurs.
  7. You may not post chain letters, engage in pyramid schemes or any other commercial activities.
  8. You may not distribute a virus or harmful computer code.
  9. You may not collect information (addresses, phone numbers, personal information) about others without their consent.
  10. You may not "spam" or send the same email to a multiple number of addresses.
  11. You realize that any opinions, advice, statements, services, offers or other information or content presented or disseminated on any forum, chat room or any other user generated pages are those of their respective authors who are solely liable for their content.
  12. You may not reuse any material from the forum, the chat, or any other user generated material without the written consent of the author. These communications are private and should be treated as such. In order to maintain a support community, it is essential that privacy and confidentiality be maintained. Please respect this.

Although and its affiliates may from time to time monitor or review discussions, chats, postings, transmissions, bulletin boards and other user and member generated pages on the Site, neither nor its affiliates is under any obligation to do so. You acknowledge that and its affiliates do not control the information available on the bulletin boards, chat rooms and other user and member generated pages and that and its affiliates reserve the right, in their sole discretion, to edit, refuse to post or remove any material submitted to or posted on the chat rooms, bulletin boards or on any other user or member generated pages.

The site reserves the right to:

  1. Record the dialog in public chat rooms and Public Areas.
  2. Determine whether any communication does not conform to the rules of this section and, based solely on the judgment of the A-Z Breast Cancer Site editor, require the removal of the offending communication.
  3. At the discretion of the A-Z Breast Cancer Site editor, any user's access to the public areas may be terminated if the user fails to abide by the terms of this section.
  4. The Site editor may edit or delete any communication that appears in the public areas regardless of whether it conforms to the rules of this section. Although I assure you that I will not do so without cause.

Advertising on the Site accepts advertising through Sponsorships - if you would like to advertise or have a commercial site that you would like to see featured as a link, please contact them. A-Zbreastcancer is a targeted web property enabling you to reach a population interested in using your product. The A-Zbreastcancer Site has more than 1,000 pages, each generating many page views daily, giving your brand name recognition in a large, yet targeted audience.

How you may use the content on the site
The Site recognizes that you may need to download a copy of some material you find on the Site for your own personal and noncommercial use. That is allowed - even encouraged. But please understand that all the content you may find on the Site is copyrighted by A-Zbreastcancer or its licensers, so you may not distribute it without permission. The copyrights are protected under both United States and foreign laws. In order to protect those copyrights from more serious infringement, we are compelled by law to vigorously defend them on all levels. If you need to obtain permission or have questions about what use you may have of our material, please see the reprint information available at

What is the liability of the Site?
By now you know, the Site does not give medical advice. The Site does not recommend or endorse any drug, therapy, or procedure that may be mentioned in the context of discourse. So the A-Z breast cancer site, the Site editor,, its subsidiaries, divisions, affiliates, agents and representatives, cannot be held liable for any harm that a person suffers as a result of his or her actions after visiting the Site. If you are chatting and someone tells you to try a certain diet, for instance, whether you do so is strictly between you and your health care provider. If you use the Site to find information on a particular drug and then decide to use the drug, whether you do so is strictly between you and your health care provider. The information is meant to be a reference and is not meant to take the place of medical advice in your treatment plan.

Neither the A-Z breast cancer site, the Site editor,, its subsidiaries, divisions, affiliates, agents and representatives claim or imply that our site serves any purposes, provides any products, or delivers any results. I PROVIDE THIS WEB SITE, SERVICES, PRODUCTS AND INFORMATION (INCLUDING ALL INFORMATION ABOUT DRUGS, PRODUCTS, AND THE PREVENTION AND TREATMENT OF DISEASES) "AS IS" AND WITHOUT ANY WARRANTIES, EXPRESS, IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, INCLUDING ANY WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, NON-INFRINGEMENT, AND ACCURACY. Some states do not allow the disclaimer of implied warranties, so the foregoing disclaimer may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other legal rights which vary from state to state.

Since this is the case, the A-Zbreastcancer breast cancer site, the Site editor,, its subsidiaries, divisions, affiliates, agents and representatives cannot be held liable for any damages you may feel we owe you because of any actions you took or failed to take or products you purchased or failed to purchase after visiting the Site.


Some people may be offended
Some breast cancer topics and graphics can be upsetting.
Graphic representations of breasts that are cancerous can be disturbing. Others may be offended by pictures of breasts after reconstruction or prosthetic devices that resemble natural human breasts. Many articles and discussions focus on preparing for the possibility of death. Although the topics are necessary in a breast cancer support situation, there may be areas that you find inappropriate or unpleasant. This site is a community and must serve the needs of all of its members. If you find a picture or discussion offensive, please contact and we can discuss what measures can be taken to support you while still providing information to others.

Links to other sites
Please remember that these terms and conditions apply only to the web site. One purpose of the A-Z Breast Cancer Site is to provide links to additional breast cancer information. The Site acts as a clearinghouse and does not endorse the content provided on any linked websites. The breast cancer Site can not be responsible for the content of linked sites and will not make any claims about their accuracy or noninfringement. There is no endorsement implied in providing a link to another site. For instance, when trying to provide information on herbal remedies, the links may bring you to a site that sells quack remedies. The fact that they also provide information on an herb used by many breast cancer survivors does not mean that the content of the site is valid. When you click on any link that brings you out of the breast cancer site, you assume the same general risks you always do when you surf the web. Again the disclaimer - DO NOT SUBSTITUTE SURFING THE WEB FOR A TRAINED MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL'S OPINION. It is not wise, at best, and can be very dangerous. ALWAYS CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR BEFORE YOU TAKE ANY MEDICINES, INCLUDING "NATURAL" PRODUCTS.

By using the Site you are agreeing to indemnify and hold as harmless A-Zbreastcancer, its officers, directors, employees, agents, licensers and suppliers in any claims others may have against you as a result of your violation of this agreement or your own actions in participating in our web site.

Local laws
There are places in the world that prohibit access to the Internet. In some localities, downloading of certain material may be illegal. If you are in one of those places, and you choose to violate the local laws concerning the Internet, the Site cannot be held liable for your actions or for any material you choose to download that may be locally illegal.

Children's privacy
It is highly unlikely that a breast cancer survivor or someone having a biopsy will be under 18. Therefore, the Site is intended for the use of people over the age of 18. Because of this the Site addresses topics on an adult level. There are children whose parents have breast cancer and they may come to the site looking for information and support. Other children visit to gather information on breast cancer for reports or other concerns. Children under 18 would be accessing the site for a parent or for the information contained in the articles and therefore, would not give us health information on the Site. If the Site editor or a moderator were made aware of the presence of a minor on the public areas, an additional warning about disclosing information may be given. Parents are strongly urged, in this as with all Internet activity, to closely monitor their children if they visit us online. We do not expect children to frequent breast cancer support venues and do not take steps to accommodate their presence.

Changes to these terms & conditions
From time to time it may be necessary to change the Terms and Conditions. The Site reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time. The changes will appear on this screen. By using the Site, you agree in advance to accept any changes.

This User Agreement and any disputes arising out of or related to the Service and the Site shall be governed by, and construed and enforced in accordance with, the laws of the State of New York. This Agreement sets forth the entire understanding and agreement between us with respect to the subject matter hereof.

Are you still reading? Good! You're done.

By using the Site, you are agreeing to all the terms and conditions that have been stated herein. It's always a good idea to read and understand any agreement that you make. If you have any questions about the Terms & Conditions of using this site, please feel free to e-mail .

Please click the print button on your browser if you would like a file copy of this document.



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