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About This Site

The A_Z Breast Cancer site is owned and edited by:

Margaret Chiffriller

Margaret Chiffriller is a Web site designer and freelance writer with a nursing, education and psychology background.

A freelance writer since the 1970s, many of Mrs. Chiffriller's articles on health, travel, education and women's issues have been published by national magazines. She co-founded the Internet site design company Web Design by Chiff with her husband in 1996.

Margaret studied nursing, received a bachelor's degree in journalism and education, a master's in administration and has completed 48 credits towards a Ph.D. in Cognitive Neuropsychology.

From Margaret Chiffriller:
I began researching breast cancer after a mammogram turned up two lumps and I was referred to a surgeon for a biopsy. At that time there were not many good sites that pulled information together - and my mind was not clear enough to concentrate on doing it myself. The lumps turned out to be benign, but I couldn't stand the thought of others in my position wandering the Internet in search of information. That was the beginning of this site.

This site is for us. To teach and support us through the biopsies, lumpectomies, chemo, radiation... all the emotional roller coasters. It's about the physical changes and how finding a lump - and all that it can mean - transforms our careers, our families and our lives.




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