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It is our job to provide up to date and accurate information on breast cancer. It is your job to use this information responsibly.

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About This Site: You should know that this site IS NOT written by a medical professional. I do have a background in nursing and research, but the information here is NOT medical advice. To find out more about who runs this site and why just click on the link.

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Legal information about use of the A-Z breast cancer site. These are the terms that you agree to by using the site.

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Here's how to go about getting permission to reprint an article from the breast cancer site.

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If you have a product that will benefit the breast cancer community - check it out. This section explains the benefits of targeted niche advertising and the advertising policy of this site.

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If you are interested in writing for this site - your own story or a report on an issue that concerns you... This is where you can find out about the guidelines that we use for publication of user contributions.



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