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Genetics & Breast Cancer

If you've already read our feature on Mapping the Breast Cancer Gene, you probably already have a clear idea about how DNA and family history play a part in breast cancer risk.

For more on how genetic research and the breast cancer gene, check out these additional resources just up ahead:


also see -> Is Cancer Risk in Your Family Tree?

Breast Cancer - Genetics Home Reference
From the U.S. National Library of Medicine, with an easy to read overview, FAQ and related links to more information.

Genetics of Cancer Overview

Excellent information and superb references.

Hereditary Risk of Breast and Ovarian Carcinoma
This is a great, archived article for anyone concerned with their genetic risk of developing breast cancer. Relatively easy to understand and very thorough.

Genetic Risk Factors for Breast Cancer
A brief genetic overview, followed by practical information on how physicians test for the breast cancer gene and a checklist of information on who should get tested, with related references.

National Human Genome Research Institute
The purpose is to provide a central database for research. Unless you are very well versed in genomic terminology it probably won't be helpful, but it is important to know about.



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