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Breast Cancer & The Minority Community

geneticsWith each new study about breast cancer, more proof emerges about the role of heritage and history in susceptibility to the disease.

That's not to say that that a diagnosis is inevitable, but knowing the facts about early detection is the first defense for the prevention or against advancement of breast cancer.

For more information check out our onsite features on Ethnic Heritage as a Risk Factor in Breast Cancer as well as Does Race Matter in Breast Cancer? - along with these helpful resources on the topic around the web:

Race, Ethnicity, and Breast Cancer
Check out the most recent facts and statistics from Susan G. Komen with emphasis on incidences of breast cancer among Black-American women.

Breast Cancer in African American Women
Some basic information on breast cancer risks unique to the black woman, plus browse the rest of the site for more facts, support, and related resources.

Celebrating Life Foundation
Non-profit foundation founded in 1995 to raise awareness and funds. Good people and a very nice site.

Breast Cancer Facts for Hispanics/Latinos
Check out this page for a wealth of studies about cancer in the Hispanic population.

Intercultural Cancer Council
A list of resources for health materials focusing on the African American, Asian & Hispanic communities.



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