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Drug Related Resources

prescription drugsCan you believe the prices of prescription drugs these days?

In the US, drug prices are some of the highest in the world. And, even if you have health insurance, even the co-pay alone can break the bank.

Just up ahead, find helpful resources on how to get help from government and corporate programs that offer assistance with the costs of prescription drugs, along with consumer tips on finding prescription drugs at prices you can afford.

also see -> Breast Cancer Patient Assistance

• This page lists sites that deal with financial assistance for breast cancer prescription drugs and how to apply:

• Here is an alphabetical list of company and government programs that provide assistance with the cost of prescription drugs for breast cancer treatment:

• The Drug Index lists breast cancer specific prescription drugs with side effects and manufacturer's assistance programs contact information:

These resources are provided as information only. Check with your doctor or health care team for the latest information or to clarify any questions - they should be your #1 source of information on treatments and anything else health related.

Also around the web:

As always, it pays to shop around. Have you checked the prices at Costco? How about calling around to different pharmacies to negotiate a fair price? And there's more at How To Save Money On Prescription Drugs, Insured Or Not from NPR.

The pharmacist can be your best and most knowledgeable friend. Find out how at Cheap Prescriptions: How to Save at the Pharmacy from NerdWallet.

Finally, check out this Consumer Reports article on How to Save Money on Meds: 9 Tips for Finding the Best Prescription Drug Prices.




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