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Myths & Scares, or Real Risks?

Everyone's heard one story or another about breast cancer.

Some are even convincing enough to cause alarm.

For example, popular antiperspirants contain aluminum and other ingredients that are known hormone disruptors. Can long term use trigger breast cancer in sensitive individuals? While no science exists to prove it, it's always wise to use caution and read the label to make an informed choice.

Meanwhile, some stories that make the rounds are really "out" there: Breast cancer is contagious! Wearing a bra causes breast cancer! If my mother had breast cancer I'll get it, too!

Avoid the panic, and take a minute to separate breast cancer fact from fiction with these helpful resources below:

Breast Cancer Risks: Facts & Myths
In a nutshell, covering all of the major pop "facts" on breast cancer.

Myths About Breast Cancer
Do antiperspirants really cause breast cancer? Good overview from with answers to common questions and misconceptions.

Imaginis - Breast Cancer Myths
It's not contagious - plus other facts demystified relating to breast cancer symptoms, diagnosis and after-care.

Questions and Answers about EMF
This site is loaded with studies on the effects of electric and magnetic fields associated with the use of electric power on human cancer occurrences.

Menopausal Hormone Replacement Therapy and Cancer Risk
A good discussion on the HRT controversy from the American Cancer Society with pros, cons and related links to more information.

Questions and Answers About HRT
The National Cancer Institute provides some mainstream information on hormone replacement therapy in question and answer format.

Vitamins: Separating Fact From Fiction
WebMD article on taking vitamins with a "pinch of salt", along with the debunking of some common myths relating to supplements, and the dangers of overdose.

Three Mile Island Radiation Study
Archived report from the U. of Pittsburgh which makes no connection to cancer with the nuclear power plant accident. Critics cite flaws in method and data.

Prospective study of job strain and risk of breast cancer
Archived abstract on a 2000 study.

Michael Castleman won the 1993 American Medical Writers Association Rose Kushner Award for his coverage of breast cancer & the environment.




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