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How to Make a Spare Rubber Prosthesis

These forms look real enough for most social situations because the liquid filling has a realistic movement. At this price, you can have a few extra.

Difficulty Level: average      Time Required: 60 minutes

Here's How:

  1. Invest in a good bra. Pay attention to the bra size and the cup size. The form will look more realistic in a bra that fits well.
  2. Buy 4 balloons in a neutral color. Look for "paddle balloons", 10 inches in diameter -- 36 inches or more when inflated -- at a party or floral supply shop.
  3. The filler requires 200 four-inch-long rubber fishing worms. Check the link below or look in your local fishing gear store or K-Mart.
  4. You'll need a pair of nylon knee-high stockings in a color that matches your skin tone. Cut them down to about 10 inches.
  5. Plastic for two support pieces, 3 quart liquid dish-soap bottles, plastic milk containers or tupperware tops are perfect for this.
  6. Stretch the mouth of the balloon over the container.
  7. Insert the fishing worms -- 40 worms will give you about a B cup and 60 are close to a C cup.
  8. Fill the balloon with water until the worms are all covered.
  9. Squeeze the air out of the balloon and tie it tightly. Remember there's water in it -- you don't want leaks, make sure the knot is tight.
  10. Cut 2 two pear-shaped pieces out of the plastic -- they should fit over your breast. The narrow end goes to the outside of your breast.
  11. Check to make sure that the edges of the plastic are not sharp. Use a nail file to rub down sharp edges so the balloon won't get punctured.
  12. Push the narrow end of the plastic into the toe of the stocking.
  13. Pull the open end of the stocking over the plastic so you have a nylon cover completely around the plastic.
  14. Insert the balloon into the stocking with the knot of the balloon sticking out of the open end.
  15. Wrap the open end of the stocking around the knot and tie it with a knot. Remember the knot needs to be tight. You're done.
  1. This type of form is basically a balloon filled with water -- avoid situations that may result in punctures.
  2. The form is not attachable to the chest so make sure that the bra gives adequate support.
  3. For security you might want to use double sticky tape to attach the from to the inner bra cup.

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