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How to Make a "Seed" Prosthesis

Conventional breast prostheses can be expensive. To make a few simple spare ones follow these directions.

Difficulty Level: average      Time Required: 30 minutes

Here's How:

  1. Invest in a good bra that fits well. Pay attention to the bra size as well as the cup size. The form will look more realistic in a well fitting bra.
  2. Decide which seeds to use. Bird seed, millet and quinoa make good fillers and are easy to find at health food and pet stores.
  3. You'll need a pair of nylon knee high stockings. Pick a color that matches your skin tone.
  4. If you use bird seed, sift it through a colander or screen to get rid of the small particles. You want small round seeds for the best shape.
  5. Prepare the stocking by putting your hand inside and stretching it to soften the fabric.
  6. Pour the seed into the stocking. Be careful to use the amount that you need to match your correct breast size.
  7. Twist the stocking a couple of times to make a ball of the seed filling.
  8. Push the ball back into the stocking - you want to make a stronger, two-ply nylon layer. A single layer may mold easier, but may break easier.
  9. Make a knot in the stocking. Leave the knot loose for the first few days in case you want to adjust the amount of seed.
  10. Use scissors to cut the nylon above the knot. The knot should be the size of your nipple, so cut right down to the knot.
  11. Place the new form into your bra with the knot in the place of your nipple. Instant spare prosthesis!
  1. Your body heat will mold the form into the shape of the bra. This will take a few days, so wear it in private until it has the look you want.
  2. This type of prosthesis is not waterproof -- don't go swimming or you'll sprout.
  3. If the form needs adjustments you can open and refill it, but remember - most of us are not a perfect match before surgery.

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